5 minutes with Marianna Glucina

Getting older doesn’t mean what it used to!

Getting older doesn’t mean what it used to! The desire to stay active, healthy and full of energy for as long as possible, is changing up the narrative of ageing. We had a chat with Founder and Director Marianna Glucina about what getting older means to her, advice around gaining skin confidence and what her go-to treatments are!

What does positive ageing mean to you? It’s all about self-acceptance and being at peace with who you are. Ageing is a natural and inevitable part of life; for me growing older is an opportunity to be grateful for. I’ve often said, “The lines on my face tell the story of my life, so I don’t want to erase them altogether, I’ve earned them, and I don’t think I am alone in thinking that.”

What is your top tip for women wanting to gain confidence in their skin again? Always start with a thorough consultation where our skin experts can focus on your main skin concerns. From there, they can select from our large 'toolbox' of treatments and skincare to create you a bespoke skin journey, taking into consideration your time and resources to deliver realistic and achievable results. I want women to feel empowered by the choices they make with their skin, that’s why I founded About Face almost 35 years ago, it underpins EVERYTHING we do.

Why are you so passionate about skin? Being one of the country’s pioneers in the beauty and skin industry I’m dedicated to sharing my knowledge from the past 30 plus years with not only our About Face clients, but also our wonderful team, empowering them all to be the best versions of themselves. Seeing a client’s skin change and how that impacts their confidence and the way they think about and carry themselves is an amazing journey to be involved in. We are fortunate that we get to be apart of so many of our client's lives, including a lot of very special milestones!

What treatments do you advocate at About Face? We focus on what we know will achieve real and long-lasting results for our clients. Our reputation relies on us providing more than just passing trends, focusing instead on effective treatments. We invest a lot of time researching what is available, and it’s why we chose to pioneer the gold standard Fraxel Re:fine and Clear +Brilliant lasers into New Zealand. I’m a big fan of skin healing, and these lasers work by improving your skins cells function and collagen banking to create a firmer, more refined skin that is healthy and best of all, glowing! They have proven themselves time and time again with the results our clients have experienced.

What treatments do you have? Fraxel is my drug of choice! I’ve had two courses of Fraxel, with my last course being two years ago and I’ve seen some amazing results from them, but I do feel this year I need a third course. I’ve had a busy couple of years, so its time to top up my collagen and get some glow and firmness back into my skin. I’ll start that in June and have one a month for four months. To keep my results topped up, I also have regular Power of Three