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Everything you need to know about IPL Hair Removal at About Face

What is IPL? 

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal uses targeted light to destroy the hair follicles at the root. 

Why is IPL a preferred treatment for hair removal? IPL reduces hair growth, giving you long-lasting or even permanent results. In only a few treatments you will begin to see results, we recommend 8-10 treatments to get a significant reduction in hair growth.  You can finally be rid of that unwanted hair that has bothered you for so long! Traditional hair removal methods provide only temporary results, some for less than 24 hours. Within days, you are back at it again, running a razor over tender skin, staring into a magnifying mirror trying to tweeze out facial hair, or enduring prickly regrowth, not to mention the ingrowns.

How does IPL hair removal differ from Laser?

Technically, both IPL and laser treatments use light to treat skin. However, IPL uses a full spectrum of light with different scattered wavelengths. As with all light based treatments, IPL works by emitting a wavelength into the skin, which in the case of hair removal targets pigment. It works in the same way black clothing absorbs heat on a hot day, versus white clothing which reflects it. The pigment absorbs the light in the hair, which quickly turns to heat that then destroys the growing cells that make the hair. Fine hairs tend not to be so deep down in the skin as thicker hair which often grows at a deeper level; this is why we prefer to use IPL as it can target hair growing at different depths within the skin. A laser is set at one set wavelength, only targeting one level at a time so it can take longer to get a good result compared to IPL. 

Why choose About Face? 

Not all machines are created equal. We only use the best and safest technology. At About Face our machines are the very best that the IPL world has to offer, delivering fast, effective treatment. We have been pioneers of IPL in New Zealand, delivering excellent results for 15 years and having successfully treated thousands of Aucklanders. At About Face, only our most senior skin therapists with extensive experience and in-depth IPL training are authorised to perform IPL treatments.

What can you expect with IPL hair reduction? 

The first treatment starts with a consultation and a test patch on the area that needs treating. One zap from the IPL gun and the patch test is done. This measures the strength of the wavelength your skin can tolerate, and if your skin colouring is safe to have an IPL treatment (best results are on pale to medium skin tones and dark hair). The second treatment is swift and painless. The skin is cleansed, and then a cooling gel is applied. The area that needs treating is marked with a highlighter (if needed) to guide the therapist on where to blast. Next, the hair is shaved to ensure the light goes directly to the root of the hair and zaps it, rather than travelling along the shaft of a long hair. Each section of skin is zapped and the service is complete.

Does it hurt? 

The sensation is similar to a plastic band pinging against your skin accompanied with some warmth. It's slightly more uncomfortable in certain areas where the skin tends to be more sensitive such as along your top lip and bikini line, but as the sessions go on and the hair decreases, the feeling diminishes, too.

How will it feel and look after the treatment? 

Pure Fiji Dilo Gel is applied to soothe the skin directly after your treatment.  After each session, you will notice a touch of redness and sometimes the odd whitehead, but there is no downtime, you will be able to continue with your day as normal.  Your therapist will give you aftercare instructions, and we recommend using Pure Fiji's Dilo Gel as needed to help calm and soothe the area. 



How many treatments will I need? 

This varies for each person but typically around 8 - 10  treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. Our IPL Specialist will work out a plan with you during your consultation.


Will it remove all the hair? 

One thing to remember with hair growth is that it is complex and stimulated by hormones. IPL Hair Reduction will treat up to 70 percent of the hair growth, never 100 percent, and you may need ongoing top-up treatments and or electrolysis to treat those stubborn stragglers. 

Treatment tips - Pre-treatment: avoid using self-tan, and you need to wait for a real tan to fade if you have had a sun filled holiday. The light will be attracted to dark pigment in your skin, and it could result in a burn. Do not remove hair in the area from the root such as waxing or tweezing before IPL treatments. Between treatments: resist the urge to pluck the new hair growth, this prevents the treatment from working long term. However, you can shave or trim the hairs in-between treatments.

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