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Loyalty & Refer a Friend

We have one of the best loyalty rewards in town.

Earn your way to a FREE^ Treatment!

Receive a FREE^ Treatment when you earn 750 points within 12 months when you purchase skincare, make-up or wellbeing products from About Face.

Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend on products in clinic and online.

Choose from one of the below five treatments - some can be added to your next appointment.

    Choose from one of five FREE^ treatments


    Refer a friend and you get rewarded!

    Share the love with a friend and you’ll both earn a voucher.

    Here’s how it works:

    • When you recommend a friend to come to About Face for the first time your friend will receive a $25 voucher off their first treatment.
    • When your friend has completed their first appointment, you'll receive a $25 treatment voucher for your next appointment.
    • You can send a $25 voucher directly to a friend from our app! 

    You can download our app here

    or click here to book an appointment

    You can refer as many friends as you like! Every friend who books and has an appointment with About Face will see you receive a $25 treatment voucher.

    To claim this reward, both you and your friend must have a profile with our online booking platform.

    Please note this treatment voucher is not valid with gift vouchers. A new client is deemed as someone who has not had a treatment at About Face before as identified by having a profile or not in our CRM System.



    CRM System

    To assist you, we require all clients to have a Client Profile held on our CRM System so that we can note the Products that you obtain from us.  All About Face clients can automatically earn Points when purchasing Products.  When you purchase Products and earn Points you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and our Privacy Policy. 

    The best way to create a Client Profile is with us in clinic but if your first contact with us is via our online shop, a Client Profile will automatically be created in our CRM System.

    As a minimum you need to provide your full name, email and phone number in order to contact you about our Products, Services, Points and Free Treatments.  We rely on you to ensure all information that you supply is true and correct and that you update us promptly whenever your details change.

    Earning Points

    1. Whenever you purchase qualifying Products from About Face, in clinic or online, and the spend value equals or exceeds the minimum spend level, you will earn Points based on the amount spent.
    2. You will receive a Free Treatment for every 750 Points you earn with a 12 month period.
    3. The amount of spend required per Point and the Products and Services on which Points can be earned may vary from time to time. You should check online or with your Beauty Therapist for an up-to-date list of qualifying Products and/or services and the level of spend required per point.
    4. In general, for About Face purchases, either in clinic or online, you earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend on all Products.
    5. To earn Points when shopping online, you must create an account using the same credentials that are on your About Face Client Profile before completing the transaction.
    6. You may only earn Points for yourself personally. We reserve the right to check identification when dealing with Points and redeeming Free Treatments or other benefits.
    7. Points cannot be redeemed for cash, Gift Cards or any Products and Services except as expressly set out in these Terms.
    8. Points expire 12 months from the date of purchase, unless converted to a Free Treatment.
    9. If you return a Product on which you have earned Points, the Points will be deducted.

    Free Treatments

    Free Treatments are placed on your Client Profile and can only be redeemed in full. Points and Free Treatments cannot be sold and cannot be transferred to another client, unless expressly permitted by About Face. When you earn 750 Points within 12 months, you will receive a Free Treatment. Free Treatments are limited to those listed below.  You may choose one of these treatments:

    High Tech

    • LED Light Therapy
    • Peel
    • Sonophorisis

    The Eyes Package

    • Eye Lash Tint and Brow Tint & Shape

    Pure Fiji Express Facial

    • 30 minutes of complete relaxation

    If you select one of the High Tech Free Treatments or The Eyes Package, any of these Free Treatments can be redeemed as a 15 minute add on service to your booked appointment, or as a standalone 30 minute treatment. The Pure Fiji Express Facial can only be redeemed as a 30 minute service and cannot be added to your booked appointment. When a Free Treatment is redeemed, Points will not be earned on the value of the Free Treatment redeemed. To redeem your Free Treatment you must comply with the specific requirement(s) of the Free Treatment(s) as notified on, or in relation to the Free Treatment itself. Free Treatment(s) cannot be exchanged for cash or Gift Cards. Free Treatments are valid for 3 months from date of being earned and will expire after 3 months if not used. Free Treatments can be used in conjunction with other Free Treatments that are earned in line with these Terms, unless otherwise stated.

      If our Points system ends, we reserve the right to cancel all Points or accumulated spend.  However, any Free Treatment(s) that have been credited to your Client Profile prior to the date of termination will continue to be valid for the lesser period of 3 months after the date they were credited to your Client Profile, or any other period notified by us at the time of termination.