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Go beyond the surface

Uncover what's really going on beneath the skin's surface with an in depth look at your skin with our VISIA Advanced Skin Consult.

A picture tells a thousand words...

Don't wait for age to surprise you... know what your skin is hiding. The more you know, the better you can slow down the clock.

VISIA is one of the latest hi-tech diagnostic tools in the business.

During your one hour consultation, the VISIA machine will look beneath your skin to reveal the six factors that determine your overall skin health and complexion quality: wrinkles; spots; pores; uneven skin tone; porphyrins (bacteria) and UV spots.

VISIA helps you know if your skin has developed any of these problems or if you are prone to develop them in the future so that you can take preventative measures.

During the analysis, you will see a detailed comparison to other people your age and ethnicity and find out your skin's true age plus receive a personalised plan to tackle any concerns.

$99 and redeemable on product purchased on the day.