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Cutera Laser & Green Genesis

Achievable beautiful, brilliant skin with Cutera Laser & Green Genesis

What is Cutera Green & Laser Genesis?

Our newest and most exciting technology! Cutera Green & Laser Genesis delivers skin rejuvenation in a pain-free, 30-minute treatment with no downtime.

Laser Genesis delivers gentle laser energy to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness to diminish the signs of aging for beautiful, brilliant skin with no downtime. 

Micro-pulses of laser energy are gently delivered to the skin. The laser stimulates the body’s own processes to activate collagen remodelling to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted brown spots. In addition, Laser Genesis addresses facial redness

by targeting the excess microvessels. Although the individual treatment results are subtle, the overall effect of a treatment series can be quite dramatic. 

Who is Green & Laser Genesis  For?

For individuals interested in improving the signs of aging, Cutera’s skin resurfacing solutions dramatically improve years of accumulated sun damage, wrinkles and age spots safely and effectively.

What results will you see?

Laser Genesis reduces overall redness, improves texture, refines enlarged pores and stimulates collagen and elastin, which is excellent for overall antiageing.


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