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Find out more than you thought you ever could

Don't settle for not knowing what's really happening with your skin. Find out the truth with an Observ consultation

A picture tells a thousand words...

Don't wait for age to surprise you... know what your skin is hiding. The more you know, the better you can slow down the clock.

The OBSERV 520 uses 6 different light sources /observation modes to help you diagnose a wide variety of skin conditions and exposes those conditions by utilising skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technologies.

This advanced camera technology can allow us to see deep into the layers of the skin and instantly reveal skin conditions. With the Observ 520 skin analysis, we can gain a greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns. We can then propose targeted treatment plans and monitor the progress of these plans utilising advanced software in conjunction with an iPad.

Not only can we take restorative action but also help to prevent further imperfections on the skin by utilising the right products and skin treatments.

The 6 different light sources/filters of the OBSERV provide vital information about the overall health of your skin. You can also "look forward" to predict future potential issues.

1. Daylight - “Clinical Evalution” 

The skin as seen in an controlled natural daylight environment.

2. Parallel Polarized - “Show the surface texture”
An enhanced view of the skin’s surface; fine lines, microrelief, wrinkles, texture and pores.

3. Cross Polarized - “Look into the skin”
With the skin’s surface shine suppressed, obtain an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vasculair conditions, inflamations , pigmentations.

4. Woods Lamp (Simulated) - “A modernized classic”
The light dermatologists and skin therapist are familair with. By adjusting the spectrum the distribution of skin secretions is revealed in colour.

5. True UV - “Fluorescence skin analysis”
Skin abnormalities on the skin’s surface or in deeper skin layers’s create distinguisable fluorescence patterns and stand out from surrounding healthy skin.

6. Complexion analysis - “Irregularities revealed”
The complexion analysis reveals transformations in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and vascular irritations.