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Retinol Tips

Vitamin A otherwise known as Retinol.
(There are other types of Vitamin A such as Retinyl Palmitate and Retinyl Acetate that are found in AVST, Retinol provides faster results. )
Widely considered as the gold standard skin ingredient, unless you’re new to skincare, you will have likely heard of retinol. Much-loved by dermatologists and aestheticians, it’s best known for its ability to significantly improve the appearance of the skin, especially lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Here are some tips for Retinol application:

• Before adding a retinol (or any new product) to your routine. Make sure your skin is in good condition with no sensitivity or irritation.

• When starting on a retinol product, start slowly! Begin with only using it every third day and only increase once you know your skin can tolerate it.

• We suggest adding a retinol product into your skincare routine from your mid to late 20s. Again, begin slowly!

• Start with a low strength formula and work your way up over time. There are a number of different strength products – we suggest the Environ rage and beginning with retinol 1 if you are a beginner. (Please speak with your therapist if you are unsure or need advice).

• Apply to freshly cleansed skin as the first product in line in your skincare routine as this can help with penetration. If you have sensitive skin please speak with your therapist first.

• Our number one golden rule – make sure you are applying SPF every day and during the day! Otherwise you will be undoing all the retinols hard work and your money too!

• Only use a small pea-sized amount and distribute evenly. We know it can be easy to get excited about products and go a little over the top with how much we are using. We recommend splitting the pea size amount of product into quarters and blending it out evenly. You will know you’ve overdone it if your skin stings, in this case stop your retinol usage and just go back to basics. Give your skin time to recover and reintroduce in smaller amounts. This is not an allergic reaction but a normal vitamin a reaction on the skin.

• Avoid the eye area with retinol products! Prone to irritation.

• When you first add a retinol into your routine we suggest limiting other actives in your routine – especially chemical or physical exfoliants. Once your skin is use to the retinol you can reintroduce them on your ‘no retinol days’.

• When you first start using retinol your skin can feel a bit drier than usual, it will balance itself as it is normalising skin function. We recommend using applying a nourishing moisturiser over the top. In the case of extreme dryness you can use a moisturiser before the retinol – this will just mean it penetrates slower.

• Be patient. Consistency is key and full results can take up to six months. However, results differ from person to person.