IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

What is IPL Permanent Hair Reduction?

IPL is a more advanced form of laser hair removal.
Do you dread your monthly waxing appointment or the daily grind with the razor? IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal offers safe, clinically proven, permanent reduction of dark hair on the face and body. 

How will it reduce hair growth?

Visible light from our Ellipse I2PL machines is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and converted to heat, permanently destroying the hair follicle.

Who does it suit?

IPL is ideal if you have fair or medium toned skin (we can treat most olive, Mediterranean and Asian skins.) It is not suitable for darker skin or very fair hair - we recommend Electrolysis for these clients.

What areas can be treated?

IPL is a fast, safe method of long-term hair removal all over the body - areas that can be treated are Bikini Line, Brazilian, Underarms, Upper Lip, Legs, Stomach, Face, Arms and Chest. We also treat male clients on the Neck, Back and Shoulders!

What happens during treatment?

The sensation is like a faint sting followed by warmth, similar to that of a rubber band flicking the skin. 

How many treatments do I need and how often?

This varies for each person but typically around 8 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. Our IPL Specialist will work out a plan with you during your consultation.

Why choose About Face?

All IPL machines are not created equal! At About Face our machines are the very best that the IPL world has to offer, delivering a fast, effective treatment. We have been pioneers of IPL in New Zealand, delivering excellent results for 15 years and having successfully treated thousands of Aucklanders. At About Face, only our most senior skin therapists with extensive experience and in-depth IPL training are authorised to perform IPL treatments.

How much is a course?

If you're a regular waxer, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction can save you thousands over the years (not to mention time saved on monthy appointments)! We also offer an easy payment plan where you pay a 10% deposit up front and the remainder over 12 months, learn more
A personalised quote will be given during your consultation. An initial consultation is required so that we can explain the treatment, review your medical history, perform a patch test, estimate the cost of your treatment and answer any questions. The cost of the consultation is redeemable on treatments you book on the day.

IPL Hair Removal from $99
IPL Hair Removal Consultation - $55

Prerequisite, redeemable on treatment. Allow 25-55 minutes.