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Post-Beach Skincare

Nothing says New Zealand summer, like day's spent relaxing at the beach and nights around the barbecue.

Sun, sand, and salt are essentials to any Kiwi Summer, but it’s important to know how to care for your skin after a sunny beach day.  Replenishing moisture as soon as you can will help ensure your skin stays strong, supple, and healthy all Summer long. Here are our top 3 tips for post-beach skincare!

Wash off - after applying sunscreen and hopefully reapplying during the day, it's important to clean your body well to get rid of any product build-up. Leaving salt water and SPF on your skin can cause it to become itchy, red or irritated, so it is best to remove any dirt and impurities as soon as possible.  Avoid using a soap bar or sulphate based body wash which can dry out your skin even more, instead opt for a hydrating body wash to help remove salt, sand and any lingering SPF.  Our go-to is Pure Fiji's Shower Gel to clean and refresh skin; it is a  gentle and nourishing gel containing natural cleansers derived from coconut and sugar cane to ease away accumulated impurities, while pineapple extracts gently brighten skin tone - leaving skin replenished and rejuvenated. 

Moisturise - sun and sea can be drying on the skin so once you have showered off it's the perfect time to apply a hydrating body lotion to your entire body. Applying body lotion right after you shower will seal in your skin moisture, keeping it hydrated and smooth.  We recommend going for something oil based that absorbs quickly, our fave is Pure Fiji’s Coconut Body Lotion with its four nut extracts blended with fresh coconut milk it will rapidly hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.

If sunburn is an issue, using Pure Fiji’s After Sun is a must. Boasting a cool and calm collection of anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients this product will take any heat out of sunburnt or wind burnt skin. It's also hydrating and nourishing while helping to cool the skin and therefore helps the skin not to peel. A top tip to help take the heat out of any sunburn is to keep After Sun chilled in the fridge, the cooling gel with take the sting away and give instant relief. 

Lips - can easily be forgotten but are one of the most common areas to get sunburnt, dry and cracked. Start by investing in a good lip protector with SPF and apply throughout the day to help take care of your gentle lip area. Coola Liplux SPF 30, is an all-in-one lip treatment that moisturises and protects with broad spectrum SPF. At night we recommend using a balm based lip product that doesn’t contain an SPF to lock in moisture and to help avoid cracked or sore lips. Pure Fiji's Lip Balm is non-greasy and will lock in hydration overnight.