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Breast Cancer Awareness Month X Revitalash

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we think it’s really important to increase awareness of this particular disease affecting Kiwi women. Today in New Zealand, the lives of NINE women will be changed forever after being diagnosed with breast cancer.*  Breast cancer is the most common cancer for Kiwi women and the third most common cancer overall.

This year, more than 600 kiwis with this diagnosis will die as a result. 80% of people with breast cancer survive 10 years or more and 92% of those who survive, cancer had been detected by a regular mammogram. Then there’s 75% chance of survival if a lump is the first sign and unfortunately, a whopping 30% of women who are eligible aren't enrolled in free screening.*

2020 has been a painful but powerful reminder that we need to all be in this together and on a positive note, there have been 27% fewer deaths since free screening started and we at About Face want to see this statistic increase through awareness. 

We carry a very special brand called Revitalash and our best selling product is their advanced eyelash conditioning serum,  this incredible product is also where their story began. It was created by Dr Michal Brinkenhoff who was inspired by the immense love he had for his beloved wife Gayle, as a solution to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. The intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged Gayle’s eyelashes, making them brittle, fragile and sparse. After conducting research and various tests and with the help of a team of Cosmetologists, Dr Brinkenhoff created the product Revitalash, THE product that revitalised Gayle’s eyelashes.

his month for every PINK product sold during the month of October, RevitaLash New Zealand will donate a ONE MONTH supply of RevitaLash or RevitaBrow to Look Good Feel Better New Zealand, in addition, RevitaLash Global will also donate $2 to various breast cancer charities around the world.

Look Good Feel Better programmes provide an opportunity for cancer patients to connect, feel more in control and look more like their normal selves with tips, techniques and the tools to face cancer with more confidence.

Their mission is that every person should have the opportunity to attend one of their free Feel Better classes. Whatever stage of the cancer journey, cancer type, or treatment, the emotional impact of cancer affects everyone. Look Good Feel Better is that one day away from treatment and medical appointments where the focus is on the individual and supporting them to look and feel more like their normal selves, connect and take time for them.

To support this amazing initiative check out the PINK products below:

If you have dry and brittle lashes or maybe they’re dull or compromised due to lash extensions, try the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – it’s an incredible serum that ACTUALLY works:

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (Available in 3 sizes from $79)

For the visible signs of eyebrow ageing due to chemical and environmental stressors, over-plucking and styling products try the RevitaLash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner which leads to healthier-looking, more luxurious brows.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (Available in 2 sizes from $89)

The award-winning serums are a proprietary blend featuring a scientifically-advanced technology. Peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract, rich in Panthenol, condition and strengthen lashes while defending from environmental damage, as well as damage caused by lash styling products that can cause breakage and brittleness. 

Don’t forget to know your B.R.A.S! 

B – Breast aware from the age of 20 – young women can get breast cancer. 

R – Reduce your risk, less alcohol, keep fit, maintain healthy body weight.

A – Act on breast changes, show your doctor or nurse.

S – Screen regular mammograms from the age of 40.

Stay Safe x

*Breast Cancer Statistics from Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand.

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