Collagen Induction - Uplifting

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as micro needling and dermal needling, is a revolutionary approach to anti-ageing. It stimulates the body’s own natural collagen repair and growth processes to significantly improve skin tone, texture and impurities. It is a very cost effective treatment with minimal or zero downtime and is safe and effective.

How will it improve my skin?

Micro-needling utilises and enhances the body’s own natural response to healing. A sterile roller with hundreds of tiny 1mm micro needles makes tiny pin pricks when passed over the skin. This causes skin cells to make new growth factors, collagen and elastin, which in turn make skin smoother, firmer and more radiant.
Unlike some other treatments it treats the entire face and is gentle enough to be used around the eye area.
Results can be visible within a week of treatment. Your skin will progressively improve over the next few months as the healing process that rebuilds your own natural collagen and elastin continues and replaces your damaged tissue. Optimal improvement is seen six months after your treatment course has finished.

Who does it suit?

Collagen Induction is suitable for all skin types and colours. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines and helps with lack of firmness, enlarged pores, acne scarring, stretch marks and sun damage. It also encourages the disappearance of red veins and diffused redness.

What Happens During Treatment?

A topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure to minimise discomfort. Most of our clients describe a mild ‘prickling’ sensation as the roller is passed over your skin. The treatment is not painful.

Vitamins A and C are critical to Collagen Therapy. After the rolling process, Vitamins A and C are then applied and can penetrate into the lower layers of the skin.

How many treatments do I need and how often?

Multiple sessions are recommended depending on the condition of the skin as well as the size of the area being treated. A course of 6 treatments is recommended for Skin Rejuvenation. Your appointment time is usually 2 hours and treatments are done 1 week apart. The treatment area must be prepared with Vitamin A and C a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to the first treatment (Environ C-quence or AVST moisturisers include these ingredients.)

What will my skin look like immediately afterwards?

You will experience mild sensitivity, inflammation and redness after treatment – these are signs that the fine micro needles have penetrated the epidermis. The tiny perforations in the skin close within minutes and the sensitivity and redness is gone in 2 to 5 hours. In very rare cases, bruising may occur. Plan your day to be quiet and stay out of the sun. There is generally no downtime and clients usually return to work within 12 to 24 hours.

It is recommended that you follow up your treatment with Environ homecare. For even better results pair this with an Environ .2mm Cosmetic or Gold Roll-CITs – home rolling can commence whenever the sensitivity/redness is alleviated. We recommend rolling two times per week to begin, slowly building up to every night.

How long will it last?

We recommend a “top up” treatment every one to two years.

How much is a course?

Our Collagen Induction ‘Uplifting’ course is $1,800 for a course of six (or 10% deposit then $31.15 per week on our easy payment plan.)

Consultation with our skin specialists is a prerequisite for Collagen Induction. The $55 cost is redeemable on treatments booked on the day. 

Learn more about our direct debit option, which allows you to pay off your course over 12 months. Pricing may vary following consultation. 

Siobhan Marshall tells us about her experience with Collagen Induction Therapy:

I was keen to try this new technology and even though I was a little nervous before my first micro-needling treament I found it virtually pain free!

It’s been a couple of months since I had my first treatment of Collagen Induction Therapy at About Face and my skin is looking great!

I’ve noticed an increase in the firmness of my skin and it’s been a lot clearer too. I’ve mainly noticed the difference in photos – I look younger.  Whoop!

I totally recommend this treatment to anyone needing a little skin pick me up.

I really like the idea of the results developing over a few months as well, it’s a refreshing thought that my skin will get better over time, not worse.

Read Siobhan's full diary here where she talks about how she felt before and during the treatment!

Stephanie's Collagen Induction Therapy Diary

Stephanie, 45, recently did a course of 6 Collagen Induction Therapy (or Micro Needling) treatments at About Face. She kept a vlog of her treatment diary - watch to follow her experience and hear her talk about her results. Plus she shares her before and after photos at the end of the video!

Before and After: