Skin concerns


What’s important when caring for skin during pregnancy?

During pregnancy hormones can make changes to your skin. Often it can be glowing and perfect or sometimes it can become sensitive, breakout and occasionally you'll get brown spots appearing for the first time.

It's best to adjust your skincare routine for pregnancy to deal with the hormonal changes and to keep it in the best possible condition.

About Face Facials for during pregnancy:

About Face Massage and Spa to indulge during pregnancy:

Pure Fiji Tropical Mama Pregnancy Massage

A beautiful ritual beginning with a milk bath foot soak to refresh your feet while you enjoy a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage. A foot scrub and masque is followed by a full body massage to release tension and relieve discomfort. 80 minutes

Hot Mama

A treatment designed for pregnancy, or for new mums in need of revival. Give tired skin a boost with a Pure Fiji Exotic Facial, including eyelash tint. Ease aching feet and beautify toes with a Pure Fiji Spa Pedicure. Bring out the hot mama within! 2½ hours

Pure Fiji Luxurious Spa Pedicare- $109.00

Enjoy a coconut milk foot soak, sugar rub exfoliation and foot and leg massage with a luscious body butter masque to hydrate. To finish, cuticles are groomed and nails painted. 60 minutes.

Lifestyle Tips for skincare during pregnancy:

Be sure to wear a good SPF daily to prevent any pigmentation (brown spots) from becoming permanent. Come and see us and a skin expert will be able to give you a personalised plan.

Keep the skin on the body hydrated two times a day. We love Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil or the Pure Fiji Coconut Milk and Honey range to keep skin firm and prevent stretch marks (click product names to shop now.)

A clean diet with lots of leafy green vegetables and low sugar will keep the skin healthy from the inside out.