Skin concerns

Pore Size

What causes enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are caused by the body producing sebum, an oily substance we secrete to make the skin waterproof and keep it from drying out. People with oily skin naturally have larger pores. Another contributing factor is age. As you age and the skin loses elasticity it causes the pores to look bigger.

About Face Skin-Changing Courses for enlarged pores:

Fraxel - Renew You

“I’m staying 39 for as long as I can.”

If you’re in your 40s or older, Fraxel re:fine Laser is the gold standard! It reduces lines, especially around your eyes, and improves overall skin firmness. It’s literally life-changing and the closest you’ll get to a facelift without surgery. Downtime is minimal with smoother skin within a week. After a few months, your skin will be firmer and those lines will have faded. It's also excellent for recent acne scarring and darker skin types wanting to look younger. Learn more

Clear + Brilliant - Forever Young

“I may be thirty something now… but I’m not ready to show my age just yet!”

If you’re under 40 and want to slow down those sneaky first signs of ageing, this is the one for you. Clear + Brilliant laser is a risk-free alternative to botox or fillers. It’s also ideal as a quick fix for those with special events or for brides-to-be, who want gorgeous, glowing skin on their wedding day. Results are seen within days or weeks. Learn more

Collagen Induction - Uplifting

"I want to keep my skin looking firm, young and fresh for longer”

If you're looking for firmer tighter skin this is your treatment! Collagen Induction, or micro needling, delivers serious skin improvements using your own skin to repair imperfections, without the need for surgery. It's suitable for all skin types and concerns particularly those looking for stronger, firmer skin, improved tone and texture and scar revision. Learn more

About Face Facials for enlarged pores:

Laser Facial - NEW - $399.00

We created this facial for anyone who wants an extra 'little something' to boost their regular facials or for those needing a quick fix prepping for a big event. Using our gentle Clear + Brilliant laser this high-tech facial will even skin tone, boost radiance, reduce pore size and enhance elasticity. This is not a 'fluffy' facial and there's no dollop of pampering - but you'll leave with serious skin results you'll love. 75 minutes (redeemable $55 consultation is required as a seperate appointment prior to your first Laser Facial.)

The Power of Three Facial- $259.00

Winner of NZ's Best Facial at NZ Best in Beauty 2016! Our most potent, signature skin treatment facial, using a bespoke combination of three technologies to address all facets of the skin with a good dollop of pampering on the side. First, we remove dead skin (Skin Peel or Microdermabrasion), then we rejuvenate and soften (LED Light Therapy) and thirdly we plump away the wrinkles (Active Vitamin Infusion with Sonophoresis.) It’s the ultimate quick fix if you want results for a special occasion. 75 minutes.

Skin-Changing Facial - $189.00

A Skin-Changing Facial is a step down from a Power of Three facial, includes two of the three steps used in a Power of Three. Guaranteed to exfoliate, hydrate or plump even the most tired skin. 50 minutes.

Environ Super Facial - $259.00

This three step bespoke facial is 90 minutes of power packed anti-ageing! It involves a Skin Peel chosen for your skin and an Active Vitamin Infusion depending on your needs and concerns, followed by an algae mask and even more infusion – your skin is left looking bright, even in colour and texture and very plump! There is a good dollop of massage and pampering too in this ultimate treatment for Environ lovers. 90 minutes.

Lifestyle Tips for enlarged pores:

To minimise pores use good quality skincare with high strength vitamin A. Keep the skin well refined by exfoliating every fourth day and keep a healthy diet.