The BrowGal Eyebrow Pencil

Finalist, NZ Best in Beauty 2016!
The BrowGal eyebrow pencils have been carefully designed by Tonya Crooks over the last 13 years. The pencils are comprised of 6 unique colours that Tonya has blended and tested herself to match perfectly to a wide variety of hair colours in which every person should be able to find their shade. One side of the brow pencil is a one-turn sharpener to create a sharp lead for precision creation of hair like strokes. The other side is a spoolie brush to brush through your brows once filled in and to find their natural shape. Tonya started her line with this brow tool because she was always taught that you need to learn to draw before you can paint, and so is a natural first step in teaching people to maintain their own brows at home, before the use of powder. The pencil is made of cedar wood with the highest quality lead.

  • Perfect eyebrow shader
  • Harder leads emulate the look of hair
  • Wide spectrum of shades
  • One turn sharpener
  • All in one eyebrow tool

The BrowGal Eyebrow Pencil

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