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Skin Results That Last!

We’re serious about skin at About Face, and we’re passionate about tailoring our services to you and your skin needs. We also know that you want skin results that actually make a difference in your skin and will last longer than a few days.

We’ve been pioneers in skin rejuvenation technology in Auckland for over 35 years now. We’re big believers in never cutting corners when it comes to the technology we offer our customers and in the results we deliver. We have a large suite of best-in-market modalities to restore glow, reverse ageing and rejuvenate the skin. 

‘But how do I know what technology is right for my skin?’

That’s where our skin experts come in. For the duration of this promotion, we’re offering FREE advanced consultations that are normally $55.

During these 45 minute consultations, we’ll sit down with you to get a detailed picture of your skin, your lifestyle and the goals you have for your complexion. We’ll discuss what you’re currently using on your skin and how we can work together to achieve the lasting results you’re looking for. 



Fraxel: Re:fine. 

How much is it? $2,400 for 4 treatments. Save $1,100

How long will the results last? 2-3 Years.


What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is our anti-ageing drug of choice. It’s the treatment we can always count on for results that really last. A course of Fraxel treatments will improve tone, texture and radiance in the skin for ageing, sun-damaged or scarred skin. Fraxel® is for people who want to look younger without dramatic changes or extended downtime. It is fantastic for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and reducing the appearance of unwanted brown spots. Mild acne scarring can also be treated.

Who is Fraxel for?

Fraxel is suited for anyone looking for the longest-lasting results for their skin. It is ideal for those who are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, lack of firmness, discolouration and lacklustre skin. Fraxel re:fine can be used on all skin tones, from very fair to very dark. 

What results will you see?

Fraxel re-establishes the contours of the face, reduces wrinkles all over the face, improves skin firmness, refines texture, delivers visible results to delay ageing around the eyes, reduces mild acne scarring (in all ages) and evens out skin tone, treating sun damage and stubborn pigmentation.


Clear + Brilliant

How much is it? $1,200 for 4 treatments. Save $300

How long will the results last? 12-18 Months


What is Clear + Brilliant?

Using the same, trusted technology as Fraxel but at a gentler level, Clear + Brilliant addresses the first signs of ageing, restores glow and clarity in the skin and promotes collagen banking. A series of Clear + Brilliant® treatments can leave your skin feeling smoother, younger-looking and give you that “radiant glow”. 

Who is Clear and Brilliant for?

No matter how old you are, sun exposure, environmental conditions and lifestyle can contribute to lacklustre skin. Whether you want to prolong the younger appearance of your skin or address the visible signs of aging, this treatment can help. C+B is also the perfect pre-wedding treatment for radiant skin on your wedding day that lasts throughout your honeymoon and beyond!

What results will you see?

The results of the treatments are both immediate and progressive. A few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer and look brighter, with improved tone, texture and radiance. You can expect to see naturally radiant and glowing skin, renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture and skin that looks clear and brilliant!


Dermapen4 Microneedling

How much is it? $1,050 for 4 treatments. Save $399

How long will the results last? 6-12 months


What is Dermapen4?

Dermapen4 is the world's leading micro-needling skin treatment to stimulate collagen.

Achieve stronger, smoother and younger-looking skin and improve the look of wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, alopecia, stretch marks and more. Dermapen4 can treat, Anti-Aging, Acne, Scarring, Pigmentation & more. It’s our go-to treatment for restoring the health of the skin and collagen induction. 

Who is Dermapen for?

Dermapen treats a variety of skin concerns so is suitable for all ages, skin types and ethnicities. Talk to us about your concerns to see if Dermapen4 is right for you. 

What results will I see?

Dermapen4 delivers the ultimate in advanced and innovative micro-needling with unsurpassed results, helping to boost collagen for a more luminous-looking complexion.



Crows Feet & Brow Lift

How much is it? $1,395 for 4 treatments. Save $465

How long will the results last? 6-12 months


What is UltraformerIII?

Utilising ultrasound energy to lift, tighten and contour, ULTRAFORMER III is one of the world’s leading high tech treatments offering a surgical and Botox alternative. It delivers MMFU (Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound) technology into the deeper layers of the skin, precisely targeting multiple deeper layers of the skin stimulating collagen production and providing long-term tightening of the skin.

Who is Ultraformer For?

Ultraformer III Crows feet & brow lift treatment is for anyone concerned with a lack of firmness in the skin around your eyes. This treatment will lift, tighten and plump fine lines, crows feet and restore a youthful appearance to the skin around the eye area. Restore youth to the skin with Ultraformer.

What results will you see?

After completing a course of Ultraformer treatments on crows feet & brows, the skin will be firm, appear more youthful and collagen will be restored to the area. 


Cutera Green & Laser Genesis

How much is it? $1,197 for 4 treatments. Save $399

How long will the results last? 12-18 months


What is Cutera Green & Laser Genesis?

Our newest and most exciting technology! Cutera Green & Laser Genesis delivers skin rejuvenation in a pain-free, 30-minute treatment with no downtime.

Laser Genesis delivers gentle laser energy to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness to diminish the signs of aging for beautiful, brilliant skin with no downtime. 

Micro-pulses of laser energy are gently delivered to the skin. The laser stimulates the body’s own processes to activate collagen remodelling to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted brown spots. In addition, Laser Genesis addresses facial redness

by targeting the excess microvessels. Although the individual treatment results are subtle, the overall effect of a treatment series can be quite dramatic. 

Who is Green & Laser Genesis  For?

For individuals interested in improving the signs of aging, Cutera’s skin resurfacing solutions dramatically improve years of accumulated sun damage, wrinkles and age spots safely and effectively.

What results will you see?

Laser Genesis reduces overall redness, improves texture, refines enlarged pores and stimulates collagen and elastin, which is excellent for overall antiageing.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

How much is it? $1,050 for 4 treatments. Save $399

How long will the results last? 12-18 months


What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

Life ages our skin and we want to age it back! Sun exposure and a decrease in the production of collagen age our skin.. Repair sun damage with Intense Pulse Light (IPL), a safe and effective non-invasive light therapy for treating skin redness, rosacea and pigmentation.  It is effective in repairing sun damage, lessening the appearance of freckles and acne scarring and for collapsing broken capillaries. We’ve been using IPL in our clinics for over 20 years. 

Who is IPL Skin Rejuvenation for?

Clients with a concern for red veins, pigmentation, skin needed rejuvenation. It is also for those who have had recent sun damage, age spots, overall redness or if you’re looking for a gentle refresher for your skin, IPL is for you. 

What results will I see?

IPL makes your skin look smoother by removing age spots, other uneven pigmentation and diffuses redness. It will reduce the appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scars. 


Talk to us today about booking in for your FREE 45-minute expert consultation to find the right Skin Rejuvenation course for you.