You can love your skin - let us show you how!

As women, we are often our own worst critics

How we look directly affects how we feel, which can lead to those feelings of discontentment and dissatisfaction. We can help change that. Let our team of experts fix your skin concerns and help you love what you see - every day. From wrinkles to brown spots, dullness, and pigmentation, we have a range of high-tech treatment options that offer real results.

Enjoy feeling confident again, and let us fix your skin with a bespoke treatment plan aptly named 'Love Your Skin.' For the next ten days only, you can get the chance to change your skin, and you will receive three free 'Skin Facial Peels' worth $360. Offer ends June 30th, learn more

June is the month to put your face in the hands of our experts - find out why we are the leaders in high-tech skin treatments such as Fraxel, C + B lasers to IPL, Omnilux, and VISIA.

Here's how they work.

For lines and wrinkles, and acne scarring Fraxel is the gold standard in laser treatment. About Face was the first skin clinic in NZ to offer Fraxel re:fine, and after eight years experience, our skin experts know how to correct UV damage, fine lines, (especially around your eyes) and a dull, uneven-looking complexion.

For the next ten days, book in for this gold standard treatment, which is on sale with $200 off! learn more

For acne, redness and fine lines, Clear + Brilliant (C+B) is a brightest high-tech option for women who are beginning to notice the first signs of ageing. Risk-free, our team of experts has been treating skins since 2011, and we know it's the best natural alternative to Botox and skin fillers. Let us get your skin glowing again, learn more

For lack of firmness, dryness or mild acne scarring Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is natural skin rejuvenation that can kick-start your skins collagen production. It helps to reduce the look of open pores and acne scarring, leaving you with a firmer and tighter-looking complexion within months, learn more

To wipe out the look of sun damage, reduce high colour and red veins our Ellipse Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is second to none for speed and efficiency. It's the only laser machine in the country that tackles pigmentation, age spots and red veins effectively. For 15 years we have paved the way to a brighter-looking complexion for thousands of women. And we want to show you how this latest technology, in the hands of some of the best skin experts in the business can work for you, learn more

Finally, our 'happy light' could be just what your skin needs this winter. To reduce the look of open pores, breakout, or to hydrate dry skin, we’re the pioneers of Omnilux Light Therapy. Since 2004 we have been restoring the health of NZ women's skin, by offering radiance and firmness to all ages and ethnicities. Learn how you can get your glow back, while you relax under this feel-good light, learn more

Is 'positive ageing the new frontier, when it comes to beauty?

As skin experts, we know how the look of a healthy complexion can instantly boost your mood. Our founder Marianna Glucina had one clear mission when she opened About Face 30 years ago. “To empower women to grow.” This mantra is something we live and breathe daily; from the treatments, we offer to the skin experts we train. "There is a shift away from anti-ageing as an ideal, to a more realistic form of positive ageing when it comes to how we look," says Glucina. 

"Positive ageing is a term which embraces nourishing your skin from the inside out. Our focus has always been to treat the overall skin health as opposed to camouflaging flaws. Empowering women with knowledge to understand what their skin's needs, and how to achieve realistic results has cemented our place of excellence as leaders in laser facials here in NZ." 

If the quote, 'Wrinkles are engraved smiles,' resonates with you, then the lines on your face tell the story of your life. So why try and erase them altogether? We can help you look as good as you can for as long as you can, with the genius of high-tech, non-invasive treatments such as Fraxel and C+B lasers. These treatments can soften the look of ageing, without erasing that character. If you want to maintain your confidence as you age, come and visit our team and learn how our holistic approach to skin health through positive ageing, can make you look and feel your best.

Join a movement of women who are empowered by how they look at every age and life stage, by treating their skin from the inside out, learn more