Our Therapists’ share their Favourite Treatments and Products

Five of our clinics share their fave treatments and products with us!

This month we turned the tables and asked some of our gorgeous teams what their favourite treatments and products are and why. Here’s what they had to say:

About Face Mt Eden

FAVE TREATMENT: The Environ Active Vitamin Infusion Facial as it’s suitable for all skin types. This facial plumps, hydrates repairs and heals the skin. As my skin feels really dehydrated at this time of the year I find having Environ Active Vitamin Infusion immediately relieves my skin. This treatment combines Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis and together they help penetrate active ingredients by up to 400,000 times deeper into the skin. 20mins of infusion is like 7hours of hand massage!

FAVE PRODUCT: Antioxidants! Days are getting longer; skin is exposed to sun a lot. Sunscreen is your first level of protection which only protects skin by 36% and that's not enough! We need second level of defence which are antioxidants. Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant and helps neutralise free radical damage, it’s anti-ageing, stimulates collagen and helps to strengthen the skin. That’s why our favourite product at the moment is Ultra C23+ Firming Serum because it has powerful peptides and Vitamin c which is an amazing antioxidant.


About Face Remuera

FAVE TREATMENT: Our favourite treatment at the moment would have to be the Collagen Induction Therapy course. We love doing more intensive, results driven treatments and we love knowing that the client is going to get a great result. The fact that you and your clients can see the changes in their skin every week they come and see you is exciting and makes the treatment worthwhile.

FAVE PRODUCT: Our favourite product at the moment would have to be the Pure Fiji Exotic Oil. We love that it has different uses, pre cleanse oil, face and body oil and hair oil. My skin gets so dry over winter and I love using it in the shower every day.


About Face Mairangi Bay

FAVE TREATMENT: Our all-time favourite treatment to do is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation; We have seen some astonishing results with this treatment after years of sun damage and neglect. There is a solution out there for all you sun bunny clients who want to turn the clock back and have that beautiful youthful clear skin again. This works for any clients who have those 'sun spots' or 'red Rosie checks' that have become somewhat worse over the years of exposure to UV damage.

FAVE PRODUCT: With our 4 seasons in one day city we live in our skin is constantly under pressure to perform for us that's why the Priori Barrier Repair Complex is our absolute go to product for everyday use. This amazing moisturisers’ main ingredient is lactic acid which helps to rebuild the acid mantel on our skin (this is our skins 'mask' that keeps it healthy) and give us beautifully hydrated, plump, glowing skin again. But that's not the only reason why we love this product! It is water based so for any of you oily skinned clients or clients who don't like the feel of a thick greasy moisturiser this is perfect for you as its lightweight, won't cause breakouts and helps keep the dead skin build up at bay!


About Face Ponsonby

FAVE TREATMENT: As therapists we are constantly having to problem solve with clients skins, this time of year clients are coming in with a variety of concerns ranging from dull, dry, scaly skin, to excess oil and break outs! The Power of Three has been our favourite go to as it is so easy to tailor to each client and whatever their skin needs on the day. It is so satisfying to see clients come out feeling rebalanced, relaxed and confident.

FAVE PRODUCT: Priori AHA Cleanser! After a long day we often feel like taking the easy road with our skin care. This cleanser for us is a saviour, taking the place of my cleanser, toner and exfoliating mask. Put it on when you hop into the shower leave on for the duration and rinse off just before you get out. Skin always feels so even, soft and deeply cleansed without feeling stripped.


About Face Sylvia Park

FAVE TREATMENT: We don’t have one favourite treatment. We enjoy doing facials and high tech treatments as we find they are results driven to our clients concerns which helps them feel confident about themselves. This makes us proud of what we do!

FAVE PRODUCT: Priori Cellular Recovery Serum because it has 3 enzymes to help prevent, correct and repair skin. Ultrasomes - cut away DNA damage; Photosomes - speed up recovery time; and Roxisomes - repair skin


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