Checkout Beauty EQ Editor Trudi Brewer's VISIA experience

January 31, 2018

What you see in the mirror is not an accurate reflection of how your face will age. Editor Trudi Brewer (while devastated at the results), investigates a new high tech 3D facial imaging machine. Here's how it works.

If you could predict the future of your skin would you wish for a luminous-looking complexion? Well, thanks to the leap forward in science, 3D facial imaging joins breakthrough technologies like stretchable skin sensors to measure the hydration in your skin, Apps like shade scout and Colour IQ  designed to find your perfect makeup shade, all in the quest to help you look better, longer. The chain of skin clinics leading the way with this new 3D facial imaging is About Face, and it's called VISIA Skin Analysis a 3D facial imaging machine the allows you to look at your face from the inside, out. I bravely put my best face forward to understand this new beauty phenomenon.

What is it?
VISIA Skin Analysis 3D facial imaging machine.
Just like booking in for a skin analysis the process is relatively simple. Once your skin is cleansed (you don't have to do this if you're short on time, however it gives a very accurate reading), next, you place your face in a computer-style box. The skin expert takes a picture of your face from front on, then swivels the machine from right to left capturing side images of your profile. The pictures are then downloading onto a lap top for easy analysis. Now, this is where the fun starts. Your wrinkles, pigmentation, redness sun damage or (pigment), pore size, even your lash health is all measured from the surface (epidermis), to the deepest layers (dermis) of your skin.
How does it work?
While this technology has been around for years, the Visia is the latest and greatest for revealing details about your skin health at the deepest level, good and bad. Each picture determines what you will see on your face in the next three to 12 months. 
What I learned?
Once the analysis was complete, the results were far from pleasing. My face is one year older than my age on the right-hand side of my face (due to the sun exposure you get while driving), and the same age on the left-hand side of my face. I have always looked after my skin, so I was not thrilled to hear this. However, on a brighter note, I can reverse this. The sun damage that is lurking under the surface of my skin I caught as a carefree teen, hanging at the beach catching a golden tan. My skin is on the dry side, with a smattering of redness around the nose area, those are concerns I can fix. And if I step up my sunscreen applications (I thought I was pretty vigilant), introduce a vitamin C and stronger A serum, and beef up my water intake, I could reverse some of my skin's history to improve its future.
Why I like it?
If you have ever visited a beauty therapist in the past and she has recommended skincare, she is probably doing a great job, however, if you could see what your skin needs and be part of that knowledge in how to address sun damage, dryness and uneven colour, you will be more likely to use the skincare she prescribes. This machine makes skin experts accountable for their recommendations of treatments and home care because in a few months time you repeat the test, and you should start to see fewer wrinkles and fewer sun spots - a complexion that is starting to glow.
Take home
VISIA takes one hour, and costs $99, redeemable on treatments and products purchased on the day of booking. During the analysis, you will get to compare your skin to others of the same age and ethnicity. You will also receive a personalised prescription and treatment plan on how to tackle any concerns.
VISIA is available on rotation at seven About Face clinics in the next few months.
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