Our Top 5 Winter Skin Tips

Here's a wrap up of our top 5 tips to keep you glowing this winter

Winter is the time that those annoying skin issues flare up! So we asked our therapists for a list of their top skin tips that we could share with you for glowing skin this winter. Here's what they had to say:


  • Did you know that 70% of your skin results are from using the right skincare at home? Create a simple regime to keep your skin in good condition – first cleanse, then use serum to correct, moisturise and then finally protect with SPF. Ask us if you haven't reviewed your routine for a while!


  • If you had to use only one skincare product, make sure it’s a sunscreen! UVA and UVB rays cause damage to your skin even on rainy days and you not only get these from the sun, but also from your computer screen, fluorescent lights and pollution. Make sure applying sunscreen is always part of your morning routine!


  • You may have heard about laser skin rejuvenation and wondered what it is?! Well it’s not as scary as it sounds and is a lot more affordable than you think. Lasers reboot your collagen production resulting in younger, smoother, clearer looking skin.  It also treats your entire face, rather than spot treating one wrinkle. To find out more have a chat with one of our skin experts or learn more here


  • Here’s three easy skin tips in one to ensure you get the best results from your daily skincare routine 1) exfoliate once a week so your products can penetrate deeper into your skin 2) press don’t rub serum into your skin, and 3) don’t forget to apply products to your décolletage or chest area.


  • Did you know your skin reflects what you eat? To eat yourself beautiful try infused water (with berries, lemon, mint or cucumber) and get essential fats (from raw nuts, avocado and flaxseed or a supplement) or try a rainbow salad in a jar for lunch with colourful fruits and vegetables. Yum!

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