The man behind Ultraceuticals

Dr Geoffery Heber

Ultraceuticals is celebrating 20 years of cutting-edge skincare. As a cosmeceutical brand, the training and knowledge that goes into making and prescribing these products are second to none. Ultraceuticals works with only the best professional skin experts to deliver results for every individual client's needs. Here the brains behind the brand, Australian cosmetic chemist Dr. Geoffrey Heber, shares the latest innovations and an in-salon peel that will smooth and brighten skin for spring.

Congratulations on turning 20, what skincare innovations have you seen over the decades? Twenty years ago the main focus was still on alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Since then peptides have become popular, including Argireline for muscle relaxation around the eyes. Lots of new ingredients have emerged to make products feel better on the skin, as have nano-emulsions (carriers of molecules) and other vehicles for improved product delivery to the skin. Lots of new ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation have also been discovered and there have been advances in stabilising and delivering retinol, which is still the best ingredient for fine lines and wrinkles.

What sets Ultraceuticals apart from other skincare brands? Ultraceuticals is only distributed to selected, dedicated skincare professionals. Many companies hire contract chemists to develop products for them but we have our own laboratory and in-house research and development team of highly qualified scientists. All our finished products undergo medically supervised clinical testing over two to three months, rather than relying on information from ingredient suppliers as some companies do. We are also certified cruelty-free and Australian made.

How does your ingredient delivery system work? This depends upon the product. For example, our Ultra C23+ cream stabilises the highly unstable pure form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, in a water-free vehicle. Retinol in our Ultra A range is delivered in a soft wax capsule which dissolves into the skin to give better results than other encapsulation technologies. Our Ultra B2 Serum contains both large and tiny molecules of the potent moisturiser hyaluronic acid, for better absorption into the skin.

What is the Ultraceuticals must-have for women over 30? The products in our Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+ range are our most popular. They hydrate with a light texture and makeup applies over them beautifully. Our Ultra B2 Serum is hugely popular for the dewy glow and hydration it delivers

What is Ultraceuticals' best-kept secret? While therapists and consumers say our products deliver the best results, we also have more than 2,000 therapists who have used or are using our online training

What new product innovations are you working on right now? We are working on a new vitamin C serum, which contains ingredients to address glycation. This is the effect sugar has on the skin and the main cause of skin ageing after sun exposure. Our preliminary clinical tests have shown fantastic results for improved skin lustre, clarity and firmness.

What in-salon treatment do you recommend for a spring pick-me-up? Nothing surpasses our A-Zyme peel to make the skin look fresher, clearer, smoother and brighter.

How does sonophoresis improve the efficacy of your products? The sonophoresis tool uses specific ultrasound waves to make ingredients in products applied to the skin penetrate up to 1,000 times better. The treatment makes skin's protective lipid barrier much more permeable.

What's your best beauty tip? Protect yourself from sun exposure, use a good daily moisturiser and if you want to use only one treatment product for general skin protection and improvement, use a vitamin A (retinol) product. It's not widely known that vitamin A protects against skin ageing as well as improving the look of the skin.

The A-Zyme Peel Ultraceuticals in-salon A-Zyme Peel is a powerhouse treatment when it comes to rejuvenating and firming the skin. Fast-acting, non-invasive it’s packed with anti-ageing ingredients such as retinol and bromelan that refresh, refine, hydrate and plump up tired, ageing skin. It works quickly to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles dramatically, and helps improve overall skin luminosity.  A mini-course is on Sale now, LEARN MORE