Summer Skin Tips & Hot New Products!

Get the downlow on how to keep your skin beautiful this summer

We're keeping it brief this month as the Christmas rush is on! But we couldn't resist sharing some last minute summer skin advice

If your skin feels dry during summer it is usually because it has suffered an excess of sun exposure and it may also be dehydrated from the heat, swimming in salt water and drinking too much alcohol/not enough water! If this sounds like you, try a boot camp approach:

  • At Home:
    Exfoliate more then add Serum and Moisturiser – your skin needs a big drink! Not sure what to use? Just ask one of our friendly team who can recommend the best products for you
  • At Clinic:
    Combination therapy works best so facials like our Power of Three or Skin Changing Facial work deeper than ingredients or our hands can reach. Keen to try one? Schedule one for January now so you have a New Year's treat to look forward to after the holidays
  • Out and About:
    You MUST wear sunscreen everyday so why not make it one you love! We have a fantastic selection in clinic of sunscreen's for both face and body across several of our brands (Environ, Clarins, Ultraceuticals, True Solutions and COOLA) so you're sure to find one that feels and looks right.

Here's our Top 4 new Summer must haves

  1. Coola Sunscreens - NEW: Coola is passionate about making healthy suncreens people love to wear! Their products use as many ingredients as possible that are natural, organic, sustainable and locally sourced, plus they smell gorgeous! From $59
  2. Pure Fiji After Sun Soothing Gel - NEW: Boasting a cool and calm collection of anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients this product will take any heat out of sunburnt or wind burnt skin, $38.  
  3. Pure Fiji Lemongrass Insect Repellent: Forget what you know about insect repellants! If you haven't tried this one yet make this the summer you do. It’s formulated with natural lemongrass and is free from nasties so safe for the whole family, $48
  4. The BrowGal Convertible Brow - NEW: If you prefer using powder this is the product for you! Can be used dry as a powder for a more natural look or wet as a pomade for a more glam look (or do both for the 3D brow!) Your brows will stay put even on the most humid days, $69

Have an amazing Christmas and remember, always wear sunscreen!