Spa Field Trip: Marianna tries Lomi Lomi massage in Hawaii

On a recent trip to Hawaii, the home of Lomi Lomi, About Face Founder Marianna Glucina reviews two massages

One of the things I enjoy doing most on holiday is having a spa treat away from home. On a recent visit to Hawaii I wanted to sample Lomi Lomi massage at the home of this Hawaiian style of healing and massage work. Also because our Pure Fiji wellness rituals are based on this ancient tribal technique, naturally I wanted to see how we fared.

My first stop was the Moana Lani Spa at the Moana Surfrider, the Grande Dame of Waikiki. The vista from the women's relaxation room and wet facilities overlooking the heart of Waikiki beach was simply spectacular and embodied relaxation at its finest (see pic above!) Sitting back in the spa overlooking the beachgoers and surfers on Waikiki beach felt almost surreal. The 45 minute massage was more like a standard Swedish massage than the traditional Lomi Lomi style I booked which was a little disappointing for me on my field trip. Of course the time out and relaxation was so good for my soul.

Spa goers in the USA beware, be prepared to add on to the treatment price the state tax (4 percent for Hawaii) and then a 22 per cent service charge (or tip) which is automatically added to the bill. It does make for an expensive massage, however a girl needs a few treats on holiday doesn't she!? All up my 45 minute massage came to NZ$276.17, whereas our comparable Essentials Massage at About Face is $85.

My next stop a few days later was Abhasa Spa at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel also in Waikiki. This was extra special as it was my birthday and my amazing team had treated me!! This time I opted for my Lomi Lomi style massage in the garden cabana which was a lovely experience and evoked a calmness and tranquillity looking out in a sea of green and tropical plants. I felt transported to an eastern zone. My massage was lovely and relaxing in a Lomi Lomi style and I really enjoyed my therapist Maria who has a beautiful healing energy (I would highly recommend her.)

Overall of my two spa visits I was surprised to come away without learning any new tips or moves and felt very proud of our Pure Fiji wellness rituals incorporating Lomi Lomi style massage at About Face.

Lomi Lomi is a healing body work and can be a complete treatment for wellness and health when taken as a series, and works like other natural healing such as acupuncture. As a spa treat, it feels as though the therapist is gliding over your body and quite different from the usual Swedish style of massage or eastern techniques you may have experienced. Warmed fragrant virgin coconut oil is lavishly applied and the entire forearms are used to glide over and under the body to gently soothe tired muscles and restore balance and harmony. For me, it’s the most relaxing style of massage and quickly takes me to the chill zone.

When I brought the Lomi Lomi style of massage here to New Zealand more than 10 years ago, I engaged in an expert from a well-known Australian Health Retreat who had trained for many years in the remote parts of Hawaii in this powerful energy work. About Face still use the moves she taught and although we don't practise Lomi Lomi as a traditional healing body work, we use it for the deep sense of relaxation and restoration. It feels like a gentle swaying dance, you can almost see the coconut trees swaying in the breeze as your mind floats away to the islands with the help of the Pure Fiji Exotic Oils.

Keen to try Lomi Lomi massage at About Face? We have several different options to choose from, starting at a 15 minute add on to a facial through to complete wellness rituals, there’s something for everyone! Try one, you won't be disappointed!

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