Should you try a Laser Facial before your next special event?

5 minutes with Marianna Glucina, founder and Director of About Face

Today’s lasers have revolutionised what can be done to reverse the signs of ageing. A direct beam of intense light prompts and boosts a natural response in skin to rejuvenate. Here Marianna tells us more about a new treatment offering great results.

Why did you create a new signature laser facial?
We’ve seen such amazing results with our fractionated laser courses; we wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to experience these fabulous skin results. As an additional service to your regular facial, combining a gentle laser treatment with Clear + Brilliant works wonders to rejuvenate tired-looking skin. It’s also an ideal skin pick-me-up every few months between facials, or before a special occasion. We have tailor-made this treatment for women who are time poor but want impressive results.

How does Clear + Brilliant improve the skin’s tone and texture?
It’s a gentle, non-invasive laser that stimulates your skin to repair itself by producing collagen, which keeps skin supple, plump and youthful-looking. Quite simply, it will combat those common signs of ageing such as fine lines, dullness and dryness, leaving your skin looking refreshed and glowing.

Who is the laser facial designed for?
For everyone who wants to look younger. It can be tailored to treat women who are seeing fine lines and uneven colour. Or for those women in their early 20s and 30s, who are just starting to see the first signs of ageing or battling with open pores and blemishes. 

What skin improvements will I see after one of these facials?
It offers a fresher look within days, with little downtime. Our exclusive Clear + Brilliant gentle laser will even out the look of skin; you will see a clearer complexion, so you require less makeup, as well as boosting radiance and reducing pore size.

What skin types benefit most from this treatment?
Any skin type and all skin colours. We can tailor this treatment to address all skin concerns such as refining pores, reducing brown spots and uneven skin colour, or simply giving skin a radiant boost.

How often should I have a laser facial?
It’s the perfect treatment if your skin has been looking “blah” lately. Ideally, we recommend this facial every three months, or you can add it between your regular facial routine. It’s also ideal as a one-off treatment if you have a red carpet event where you need your skin to look the very best it can – and fast.

The Laser Facial is available at all seven About Face Auckland skin clinics, a redeemable consultation is required prior to the first treatment.