Reflections on 30 years in beauty

On our 30th birthday, Marianna Glucina, founder of About Face, discusses her take on beauty trends past and present!

We sat down with Marianna Glucina and reflected on what she's seen and learnt in her 30 years in the beauty business. Here's what she had to say:

Q. Firstly, Happy Birthday About Face! After 30 years in the beauty business what do you still love the most?

A. It has to be the smile on people’s faces when we have effected change! Knowing you have helped someone and given them confidence, for instance clearing someone’s acne or reducing pigmentation and fine lines that they didn’t like about themselves when they looked in the mirror every day. There’s nothing like that feeling of seeing them walking out with their head held high and a huge smile, knowing you have made a difference.

Q. Do you think attitudes towards beauty and skincare have changed over the last thirty years? And if so, how?

A. Overall I’ve noticed that today beauty is quite polarised, on one side we have potent cosmeceuticals and medi-spa treatments to turn back the clock. Then in the other corner the trend for organic, holistic natural skincare is gaining momentum where people are concerned about the ingredients they put on their skin and hair and the effects on the body. This is a natural progression from the wellness/lifestyle trend.

Q. What changes over the last 30 years have made the most impact for your clients?

A. For me it’s two things. Firstly, the introduction of cosmeceutical grade skincare. Starting in the 90's AHA’s revolutionised the skin care industry through softening the skin and removing excess build-up. This was soon followed by the clinical research proving that strong Vitamin A actually reverses ageing. High strength Vitamin A & C plus Antioxidants are the stalwart of many skincare products to change in the skin. In fact 70% of all skin results will occur from the right homecare and what you are using on your skin every day.

The second thing was the introduction of technology. High-tech machines became prevalent from 2000 with firstly IPL and its ability to reduce facial redness, remove pigment and dark patches along with unwanted hair which was life changing for so many people! Then 2010 saw the emergence of the laser and we can now tackle acne scaring, refine pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles too. This simply wasn’t possible 30 years ago. Now, there are so many options for people to improve the quality of their skin and they can choose depending on their skin condition, age and lifestyle. What I love about these resurfacing and rejuvenation machines is the ability to treat the overall skin condition as opposed to spot treatments.

Q. What surprises you about beauty today?

A. That so much of people’s perception may be affected by so called “beauty experts” on social media who have little if any skin knowledge or education. The public look to them for what’s “the best” and often you can end up using products that may not be right for your skin and actually cause more problems.

There’s also a huge pressure on women of all ages to look perfect and eternally young – we see it with those in their 20’s having fillers and botox and it frightens me how these faces are going to look in 20 or 30 years’ time! Women aren’t meant to be wrinkle free at 60 but that doesn’t mean we have to give up! We still want to look and feel our best at any age. It’s no surprise that eating well, living a clean life with meaning and love is always going to reflect in you looking beautiful – I love that this is a trend so many are aware of today, this is a philosophy that’s always resonated with me.

Q. Have there been any treatments that you have tried and thought no, this is going too far?

A. Well I haven’t tried Botox but it’s not something which resonates with me from a wellness perspective so something I am not comfortable offering in my clinics.

I’m also not comfortable with the new trend for Micro-blading brows as I lived it the first time round and have seen the results when the colour faded! I know the technology has improved but at the end of the day do you trust someone to tattoo your face when it’s so easy to maintain your brows with regular appointments and filling them in is a breeze with so many excellent brow products available?

Q. What's your best beauty tip?

A. Always wear a smile and lipstick (plus do your brows!) Beauty comes from the inside out – eat well, sleep well and be confident in who you are. It’s not about perfectionism for me. The odd line on your face tells the story of your life and shouldn’t be erased completely.

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