Pure Fiji Brand Manager Tatum shares her winter skin advice

This week we spoke to Pure Fiji's Brand Manager Tatum about winter skincare and how best to prep and maintain your skin over the cooler months. 

What is a recurring mistake or step people forget to make when it comes to their daily skincare routine? People seem to skip moisturising their body. Your skin absolutely needs moisture and that means all over... no compromises. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so it can’t be neglected. Your body care routine is just as important as the skincare routine for your face.
Which kind of product do you recommend the most for sensitive skin? My first suggestion is to eliminate all sulphates from your skincare as these strip and dehydrate the skin. Secondly, it’s important to use a product with natural ingredients that mimics your skin’s own fatty acids, such as the Pure Fiji range containing their signature Botanical Blend. Pure Fiji uses an exotic oil called Dilo in all products. This is amazing for healing, sensitivity, inflammation and scarring.
Why is seeking products that are derived only from natural ingredients and sources so important? I think given the fact we have so much choice these days we can choose products that are not only are natural but come from a good place. For me personally, knowing that Pure Fiji supports local communities, woman’s projects and is naturally derived, ticks all my boxes.
What’s the best time to moisturise? I like to moisturise straight out of the shower with an Exotic Oil. You can apply the Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil directly to damp (or even wet skin), so it just becomes part of your showering routine that you won’t avoid or forget if you’re short for time.
What’s one Pure Fiji product you couldn’t live without over winter? I am obsessed with Pure Fiji’s newest infusion Moringa. It’s a subtle tropical infusion with notes of mandarin, mulberry, vanilla, bergamot, island rose and honeysuckle. Hydrating Body Butter is my absolute winter go-to. Think of it as your Night Crème for your body.