Our Top Tips to Treat Your Winter Skin Worries

Say goodbye to dry, sensitive winter skin

If your skin is already feeling the effects of winter, yet you feel like you’re still suffering from the long hot summer we just had, read on to see what you can do this winter to restore and fix your skin.

Why is winter the best time to treat my skin?
After summer with sun damage there is often a build-up of dead skin. And in winter with heat pumps and heaters on it really dries the skin too. Winter is the best time to take skin-changing courses as you don’t have to worry about avoiding the sun before and after treatment (that’s why our What’s Your Skin Wish sale is on now!) In addition to that we were very lucky to have had such an amazing summer so you may be noticing more pigmentation or fine lines around your eyes – now’s a great time to literally zap them away!

What treatments do you recommend?
That really depends on your skin and what you want to achieve. Here’s a basic list of the major skin concerns in winter and our go-to treatments. If you want to change your skin we’d recommend you book a high tech skin consultation for some one on one advice and we’ll work with you on a plan that suits your skin and budget:

  • I have dry, sensitive skin - Omnilux Light Therapy is our go-to solution to restore overall skin health and radiance to skin of any age, colour or skin type. It is also great for treating breakouts, acne, psoriasis and skin sensitivity and aiding healing after surgery. Gentle yet effective, it hydrates, clears congestion and plumps fine lines. You may have seen the Kardashian’s on Instagram with inferior hand held lights; these are not as strong, or effective as in therapy treatment lights.
  • I have pigmentation and sun damage - Depending on your age or level of sun damage there are three different treatments we’d recommend:
  1. Fraxel Laser: If you’re in your 40s or older, Fraxel re:fine Laser is the gold standard! It reduces lines, especially around your eyes, and improves overall skin firmness. It’s literally life-changing and the closest you’ll get to a facelift without surgery. Downtime is minimal with smoother skin within a week. After a few months, your skin will be firmer and those lines will have faded.
  2. Clear+Brilliant Laser: If you’re under 40 and want to slow down those sneaky first signs of ageing, this is the one for you. Clear + Brilliant laser is a risk-free alternative to botox or fillers. It’s also ideal as a quick fix for those with special events or for brides-to-be, who want gorgeous, glowing skin on their wedding day. Results are seen within days or weeks.
  3. IPL Skin Rejuvenation: Tackle pigmentation, age spots, red veins and redness and restore a youthful, even skin colour and texture with a course of medical-grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. We are pioneers in IPL and we deliver the best results.
  • I have redness and red veins - IPL Skin Rejuvenation has long been the go-to treatment for red veins. We are also now recommending Collagen Induction Therapy (or micro needling) to strengthen fragile skin, improve overall skin health and make it less compromised. For milder cases of redness Collagen Induction can be enough as it will make veins less visible. Or sometimes, following Collagen Induction Therapy we can ‘tidy up’ any residual veins with IPL.

What other treatments do you recommend in winter?
Winter is also a great time to do IPL hair removal as for IPL to work optimally you need to be out of the sun for 6 weeks before treatment and not have any fake tan. It’s easier to forsake that faux glow in winter and deal with IPL hair removal during the colder months and then be hair free for summer!

To read more about any of the skin concerns listed above as well as our lifestyle tips, visit the skin concerns section of our website.