Marianna’s Summer Skin Tips

We discuss summer skin concerns with Marianna and she provides her tips and fave products to help combat skin concerns!

We chat with Marianna who highlights summer skin concerns, gives her tips for preventing these and her fave products to keep them at bay. 


For some, the warmer weather and humidity, coupled with the excess stress at the end of the year and a sugar overload during the silly season, will result in skin breakouts, spots and congestion.

If you are prone to this kind of skin reaction each December, dose up on antioxidants both inside and out. As soon as you start to see these skin changes, have some alcohol free days and reduce the sugar. Look at your foundations choices, the tendency is to pile it on to cover skin concerns; however this creates more of a problem. Think about changing to a 100% mineral powder, swap to a light-weight moisturiser and keep your skincare routine a simple one, but be religious with it.

Some of my faves include- Priori AHA Facial Cleanser, Environ Antioxidant Gel, Pure Fiji Anti- Ageing Dilo Booster Oil and Ultraceuticals Mattifying SPF 50. If you are looking for a healthier foundation choice, look at Jane Iredale’s Pressed Mineral or Priori’s Mineral Powder. In clinic, you can’t go past the skin health of Omnilux lights (as many as you can afford) and a skin changing facial to keep skin clean, decongested and healthy. 


For others, come February, the sun will trigger underlying pigment beneath the skin’s surface, leaving you feeling self conscious, with uneven skin colour and discolouration. Although pigment can be the result of many factors, either singularly or combined (stress, hormones, contraceptive and other medications, processed foods etc), it always requires the sun to trigger the response and the melanin production, hence why you notice it come summer.

Your best investment is the biggest hat you can find and the best quality sunscreen you can buy- broad spectrum, physical sunscreen SPF 30+ 365 days a year! Go one step further by ensuring you wear mineral make-up over the top for extra protection. Sun rays trigger pigmentation, even on cloudy days.

Ensure you stock up on pigmentation inhibitors in your skin-care, vitamin C, niacinamide and loads of antioxidants and whole foods to keep the liver healthy and detoxed. The pigmentation inhibitor products I would recommend are either the Environ Youth Essential range or the Ultraceuticals Brightening Serum.  The Environ Youth Essential range is packed full of antioxidants, niacinimide and vitamin C and has your tyrosinase inhibitors so it lightens and brightens your skin. Ultraceuticals Brightening Serum slows down the 5 processes that cause pigmentation as it has niacinimide, resveratrol and bearberry.  A separate antioxidant complex is always recommended with any skincare regime - Ultra Anti-oxidant Complex or Environ Youth Essential Cream are both great products. I love Ultraceuticals brightening foaming cleanser, Environs or Ultraceuticals potent vitamin C and vitamin A serums, or some of the Priori AHA range to keep up cell renewal. For SPF picks, I love the Coola mineral baby sunscreen (100% mineral and physical), the new Coola mineral sun sticks or True tinted sunscreen. Take a dose of Lypospheric vitamin C internally, as a daily antioxidant. Step up your greens and eliminate the processed foods to give the liver a break. In clinic opt for a course of treatments to shift stubborn pigment; Laser treatment (Clear + Brilliant or Fraxel) or take a New Year course of our latest advanced paramedical treatments - Radiance plus, on SALE from January. 


The outdoors and summer are synonymous for us Kiwi’s as we spend so much time living our lives out in the sun. Summer sports, the beach, gardening, BBQ’s, the list goes on. Unfortunately the elements aren’t kind in keeping our skin youthful and fresh; compare the faces of our Aussie neighbours to those with an English rose complexion. Your skin may dry out over summer and have a tendency to thicken, which makes lines more visible and can result in us feeling older than our years, by the end of summer.

To counterbalance, keep your skin well nourished and hydrated. Make the switch to richer, heavier nutrient dense skincare. Double up your at home exfoliation with a dose of both a scrub, with granules, plus an AHA ingredient to add to your routine as you may not get into the salon as often as you wish over the holidays. Include a power packed mask to complete your weekly routine, and of course, sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!

To keep you youthful (and what I use) is; Environ Youth Essentia range for its vitamins A and C plus the power of peptides  for anti-ageing, it really is the Aston Martin of skincare! For those wanting a more natural product, I love the Pure Fiji facial scrub, Pure Fiji Dilo booster anti ageing oil and the Ultraceuticals moisture rich cream as a heavier moisturiser. For sunscreen you can’t go past Ultraceuticals. With four to choose from, I love their light weight feel, high dose of antioxidant A, C, E plus can be tinted to double as your foundation. In salon the Power of Three Facial, as voted NZ’s best facial numerous times, is a treatment you can’t go past, ideally taken every three weeks. One of our High Tech skin-changing courses is perfect for undoing all the damage and chaos summer has caused :) 


There are a few whose skin will wilt like a rose come the warmer months with allergies, eczema and dermatitis.

Keeping the skin strong and healthy with a solid natural protection barrier is the key for such skins.

Again it’s important to look to your diet and lifestyle, keep things simple, fresh and unprocessed as much as possible. Keep up the antioxidants and essential fatty acids to strengthen skin. For your routine, I love a milky gentle cleanser instead of a foam, a serum to repair and a moisturiser to keep the acid barrier in tact and strong – nothing too aggressive!!

My picks are - Ultraceuticals B2 or Pure Fiji Dilo Booster oil to repair, hydrate and nourish and Priori barrier repair or Environ ACE oil to moisturise. Take an Effamol essential fatty acid supplement and either the Environ RAD sunscreen or Coola baby are both perfect for sensitive skins, as they are chemical free.

The best facial is either our soothing Marine Facial or a Power of Three to strengthen and repair. For skins that require more serious strengthening opt for a course of Collagen Induction Therapy (also known as dermal needling).

Above all, have fun, celebrate the festive season, catch up with friends, laugh and enjoy life! That’s what summers are for and we are here to pick up the pieces, if you don’t adhere to any or all of the above.

Enjoy the Festive season.

Much love