Marianna Says Regular Facials Really Make a Difference

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I often get asked "do regular facials really make a difference?" The answer is yes! The younger you start the greater the rewards you will reap later in life, but it’s never too late! By the time you reach your late 40s, how you have lived your life and taken care of your skin shows on your face.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than meeting up with previous clients’ years later and seeing their unlined, radiant skin. The time and money you spend on your skin always shows and those who have invested in regular monthly facials earn the rewards. Of course there’s always that one friend who’s blessed with great genetics, but by and large great skin isn’t a matter of luck.

Here's what I'd recommend as a minimum?

In your 20s prevention is essential. You need a professional-strength sunscreen to protect you against damaging UV rays, and key ingredients such as vitamin A and C to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Monthly relaxing facials are adequate ongoing maintenance, or if you have a particular skin concern, go for one of our personalised facials.

During your 30s your skin is likely to be under the most stress, with the combined pressures of establishing a career, juggling multiple commitments, late nights and pregnancy all taking their toll on women trying to be super human. This is also when the first loss of collagen typically starts showing, at between the ages of 28 and 32. Skin can become drier or go in the other direction, so regular personalised facials to address specific concerns are what you need.

Once you hit your fabulous 40s the follies of your youth come back to haunt you. Sun baking, partying and years of neglect result in darker patches, red splotches and freckles. Lines and wrinkles become more prevalent, especially expression lines, and loss of elastin affects the firmness of your skin. It’s time to bring out the heavy artillery! An ultimate facial every three weeks works wonders and a course of serious treatments like Fraxel will help turn back the clock.

Don't feel guilty spending money on yourself! Women today have so many pressures on them. Take time out for yourself and don’t feel guilty. When I was training with Jacques Courtin-Clarins in Paris 25 years ago, he shared with us his belief that if a woman looks after her skin she can get away with wearing anything later in life, because as we age it’s our faces people look at, not our bodies, so this is where the investment needs to be made. It’s always stuck with me!

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