Marianna on how Fraxel and Clear+Brilliant Differ to Botox

5 minutes with Marianna Glucina, founder and director of About Face

Q. I know you’ve pioneered skin lasers in New Zealand, how does laser treatment differ to botox?
A. Yes, this is something I'm quite passionate about! Unlike botox and other injectables, fractionated laser treatments (such as Fraxel and Clear+Brilliant) work with the skin and your body’s own natural ability to heal itself without introducing any foreign nasty’s! There has been such an increase in botox becoming mainstream, but equally the move towards people being concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. It just doesn't add up! Lasers actually prompt your body to grow brand new collagen which usually depletes after 25. Another key benefit is that unlike botox which just targets specific lines, with skin lasers the entire face can be rejuvenated at once, for all over freshness.

Q. What will lasers do for me?
A. They target wrinkles and fine lines but are also effective on pigmentation. Lasers also give you firmer, fresher, even-toned skin. You’ll look more refreshed and years will be taken off your face, without anyone knowing what you’ve done!

Q. How do I know which type of laser to choose?
A. We know what’s best for you! We usually recommend Fraxel for deeper skin resurfacing and Clear+Brilliant to target earlier signs of ageing. It doesn’t matter the specifics though and don’t get too bogged down with the various treatments! Both lasers are extremely effective and which one we recommend for your skin will depend on your age and skin concerns.

Q. How many treatments do I need – or can I have a one off?
A. Absolutely, you can do both. Initially to see the biggest impact my recommendation would be to undergo a series of lasers. Usually three to six treatments but it depends upon your skin and which option we choose together.

Q. Finally, what would you say to someone who is unhappy with their skin but doesn’t know the best treatment to choose?
A. I’d say to stop worrying! Make an appointment with one of our skin experts who can take a close look at your skin under one of our scanners. We can discuss your concerns and work with you on a plan that will give you the results you are looking for and a payment plan to suit.

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