Let’s talk with an expert!

SKIN GURU Jackie, who has over 40yrs experience in the industry is About Face’s dedicated advanced treatment trainer.

Knowledge is king, and as Auckland’s leading skincare experts, we want you to be informed about your skin and the best treatment for it! So before you get stuck in a Google rabbit hole about what’s “trending” in skincare and treatments, step back and spend 5 minutes with our very own SKIN GURU Jackie Hendy, who has over 40yrs experience in the industry and is About Face’s dedicated advanced treatment trainer and coach for all things Skin.

Why are you so passionate about skins?

We love to fix skins; it’s that simple! Women want to look and feel their best and achieving healthy skin at any age has never been easier! As knowledge, skincare and technologies have evolved to treat specific skin concerns, we can offer some amazing solutions for healthy, fresher, vibrant skin and focus on positive ageing.

Why does About Face focus on advanced skin treatments?

We focus on treatments we know can achieve real and long-lasting results to give our clients the best and most effective treatments to fix their skin concerns. Our reputation relies on us providing more than just passing trends but instead offering effective treatments. We invest a lot of time researching what is available and training our clinicians. We chose to pioneer Fraxel re:fine and Clear + Brilliant lasers to New Zealand, due to the science behind these gold standard lasers. They have proven themselves time and time again with the results our clients have experienced.

Who does the advanced treatments?

About Face only allow therapists that meet high levels of skin expertise and experience to perform advanced skin treatments. They must continually upskill and maintain a high level of practice, which I audit regularly. You will not find a new graduate behind a laser at our clinics! My training is focused on creating clinicians who truly understand the skin and how it functions. This allows them to choose the best option to get the best result.

How do I know which treatment to choose?

You don’t, that’s our job. You wouldn’t go to the dentist and tell them what tool to use to fix your tooth; they make that choice based on their knowledge and experience. Well the same applies to us. We are the skin experts, and by doing a thorough skin consultation focusing on your main skin concern and what troubles you the most about it, we can select from our large “toolbox” of treatments to create a bespoke plan, taking into consideration your time, resources and health. During the consultation, we will ensure your skin is prepared for the treatment in the way of skincare or nutrition.

How long before you see results?

It depends on what treatment is being done and what specific skin concern you are treating. For example Fraxel Laser, initially you will see improvement in the colour of your skin, but lasting and more significant results continue to improve as your new collagen and elastin become established over the next 4 - 6 months after a course of treatments. Whereas IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for sun damage, you see the results happening straight away.

How long do the effects/results last?

Ageing is an ongoing process so by using any of our advanced treatments such as lasers, micro-needling or IPL you are aiming to push pause on the ageing process and to improve how the skin is looking.  I always explain to clients, you are drawing a line in the sand where your ageing is now, these treatments will push your ageing back, but you will continue to age, so you need to keep chipping away with maintenance treatments, good nutrition and skin care to keep getting the best results.