Going natural, with REAL results

It’s hard to imagine a time when the words ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘vegan’ weren’t part of everyday life. As our impact on the planet becomes increasingly prevalent, it’s also become more influential on decisions people are making around their skincare choices too. Leading them to seek more natural alternatives. The question often remains, though, will ‘natural’ skincare still be as effective as a professional cosmeceutical skincare range?

The great news is, YES, and the even better news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you! If you haven’t seen it already at our seven About Face clinics across Auckland, we stock a professional cosmeceutical natural range that delivers real results - Prologic®

It gets a bit science-y, but the molecular structure of skincare products is what makes them effective. Your body can’t decipher what a ‘natural’ product is – instead, it all comes down to molecules and how a product is developed to deliver ingredients into your skin. Your body absorbs and uses different molecules in different ways. This means that whether you’re using a salicylic acid that was formulated in a lab or using a salicylic acid which was found in nature, the results remain the same. However, how skincare is developed and formulated, the quality of ingredients, and how those “active” ingredients are delivered into the skin, greatly impact its effectiveness.

Skincare is chemistry; there are very clear rules for what works and why. In the past, many “natural” skincare ranges have not been aided by science and could not get results; this is mainly due to unstable formulations or insufficient amounts of “active" ingredients. The emergence of natural cosmeceutical ranges like Prologic® that are backed by science has blended science and nature to create the balance of results-based skincare with natural ingredients.

So, the choice really is yours! You no longer have to compromise on results by choosing to use a natural skincare range. Learn more here about the science behind Prologic®. 

To combat the toll, the heat is having on our skin with the gorgeous summer days we’ve been having; we’ve currently been indulging in the below Prologic® products:

1.         Hydrating Spray - this light and refreshing spray is packed with targeted ingredients like hyaluronic acid to improve skins water content, enzyme activity and barrier function. This multifunctional spray can be used over the top of your make-up during the day if your skin is feeling dehydrated or used to give your skin a spritz just after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser.

2.         Hydrating Serum -  this is a fast-absorbing serum that nourishes and protects the skin with the key ingredients drawing moisture into your skin to instantly boost hydration levels. A lot goes a long way, so apply a small amount on your face and neck after cleansing.

3.         Last but certainly not least, your summer skin MUST have is Prologic® Summer Night Oil. This oil gives your skin everything it needs for a healthy summer glow. Macadamia nut oil, hemp seed oil, blackcurrant seed oil, along with meadowfoam oil, protect from environmental damage and help replenish cells while you sleep. Apply at night after cleansing and wake up to refreshed and renewed skin.

And to help keep your skin glowing and hydrated, we have a special with Prologic® available until the end of March. With any two purchases of two different Prologic® products, you will receive the Summer Night Oil for free. One gift per person and while stocks last! Learn more about Prologic®'s gift with purchase here.