Get a flawless tan this Summer!

Time to get your glow on - but only if it comes from a bottle.

Get a flawless tan this Summer, while keeping your skin sun safe and protected from UV damage with our top 6 self-tan tips.

1. Exfoliation is what helps give your skin a natural-looking tan, prevents colour build-up and ensures that your tan fades evenly. Make sure you do any hair removal and exfoliation the day before you apply your tan to ensure your tan doesn't look patchy. We are loving Pure Fiji's NEW Coconut Crush scrub, this amazing scrub will exfoliate and nourish your skin with a decadent coconut creme infused with pineapple enzymes and crushed coconut shells. Buff away dry skin cells and unclog pores to rejuvenate your skin while the Vitamin rich coconut creme with exotic nut oils will deeply moisturize and nourish-leaving skin smooth, hydrated and glowing. RRP $25, 35ml available in clinic only. 

2. The key to maintaining a great even colour is daily moisturising with a high-quality oil-based body moisturiser.  An oil-based moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated for longer, allowing your tan to develop evenly on your skin. We recommend Pure Fiji's Hydrating Body Lotion with its nourishing blend of exotic nut extracts and fresh coconut milk rapidly hydrates, nourishes and protects your skin. RRP $49.00,350ml. 

3. Go sulphate free! Sulphates in products like your body wash and hair shampoo will strip the colour from your self-tan, leaving it dull and patchy. We recommend Pure Fiji's Shower Gel and Pure Fiji's Shampoo and Conditioner, these are all sulphate free and have a variety of fresh island fragrances to select from. 

4.  Don't overdo your tan, less is more! Applying a tanner that is tinted will act as a guide colour so you can see any areas you may have missed.  We recommend applying two layers of self-tan each week, this should be enough for even the most seriously sun-kissed babe and don't forget your face - there is nothing more fake-looking than a brown body and pale face. Discover our new Coola Organic Sunless Tan to reveal your inner goddess, with a blend of natural Green Coffee extracts that offer contouring and stimulating properties for firmer, smoother looking skin and Coola's highest level of DHA, naturally derived from Sugar Beet you can't go wrong. 

5. Once you are ready to remove your tan and start fresh do a full body exfoliation.  

6. Keep using an SPF to protect your skin. Now that you are beautifully tan remember to keep your skin safe from UV damage by using a high-quality SPF our on the go favourite is Coola Sport SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray - New Tropical Coconut fragrance