Fraxel Re:fine FAQ

About Face skin guru Jackie Hendy has answered all of the FAQ's you might have about Fraxel:Refine

Jackie is our dedicated advanced hi-tech trainer and coach to our team on all things skin and this week she’s kindly shared her advice with us on all things Fraxel:Refine.

 Fraxel Re:fine FAQ

Q. How many Fraxel treatments will I need? That will depend on the condition of the skin that we are trying to improve, but generally, a great result is seen from 3 treatments and then we can discuss further treatments if required.

Q.How much downtime will I need after Fraxel? There is very little downtime. The downtime is redness, erythema, which makes you look like you have been for a good run and a small amount of swelling. This can be eased with cold compresses, sleeping elevated and not stimulating your skin with things such as alcohol or exercise for the next 24-48 hours. You can also wear mineral makeup directly after treatment too. We do add that each person will respond differently to how much redness and swelling they experience.

Q. Does Fraxel hurt? Fraxel is slightly uncomfortable and feels like pins and needles over your skin. We use a topical anaesthetic as well as cryo cooling device to assist in minimising the discomfort.

Q.Can Fraxel treat acne scars? Yes depending on the depth of the scar. The Fraxel:Refine model we use will not treat deep acne scars, but it can lighten more superficial acne scarring. If a client has deeper scarring or lines we can recommend them to the next level of treatment options. 

Q. How does Fraxel compare to other laser treatments? Fraxel is a gold standard laser, and along with Clear & Brilliant, uses patented technology and science to give a very even and safe treatment to the client.

Q. How should I care for my skin after a Fraxel laser treatment? This is the most important part. Sunblock is the key to getting the best longevity out of a Fraxel treatment and also very important to use as the skin will be more photosensitive for 4 - 6 months. This is becuasethe new skin is like a babies bottom and needs to be treated thus until it is ready to move into more active skincare. Fraxel is a resurfacing laser so it is replacing old tissue with new tissue, so the better you look after your skin after treatment, the better results you will achieve.