Must-have products to introduce into your skincare routine at every age

Our founder Marianna Glucina shares her simple tips and the must-have products to introduce into your skincare routine at every age.

20-30’s - add an eye cream
All makeup lovers will tell you the biggest beauty obstacle is concealing dark under-eye circles and fine lines. During your 20's late nights, social engagements and a busy lifestyle can mean all your fatigue is visible around the eye area. Introducing an eye cream day and night helps smooth and improve this delicate skin, which means you need less makeup to look your best.
My product pick: Pure Fiji Anti-wrinkle Eye Creme. It's lightweight ideal for day and night, thanks to Shea butter and olive extracts. It tackles the appearance of tiredness as well as fine lines with ceramides and linolenic acids RRP $65, 15ml.
30's- 40's - time to fight the free radicals. 
Between the age of 28-32, you will begin to see the first signs of ageing, your collagen begins to break down and fine lines begin to form.  We tend to be very busy with Kids, work and the general hustle and bustle of life, so caring for our skin isn't as much of a priority.This is the best time to introduce actives into your skincare routine.  Antioxidants will help prevent premature ageing during this stressful time and also protect your cells against free radical damage that also causes premature ageing. My Product Pick: Environ Focus Care Youth+ Avance, RRP $154 30ml. (Instore only) 
40's-50’s – indulge your skin with an oil-infused night cream.
Dehydrated skin is the biggest battle from our 40's and beyond. The water we drink will not save our complexion from dryness, during these decades. However, an oil infused night treatment can. I like to apply my active skincare in the morning (C and B vitamin serums) these boost antioxidants to combat any environmental damage I may encounter during the day. And at night I like to relax, unwind and nourish my skin before bed. My product pick: Pure Fiji Hydrating Multi-Active Night Cream. Healing dilo leaf and beach almond hydrosols restore moisture loss from the day, and the blend of coconut, dilo, sikeci, macadamia oils with passionflower extract, calm any skin sensitivities and firm your skin while you sleep. RRP $79, 50ml. 
50 plus – invest in a vitamin A skin serum.
Correcting sun damage and encouraging new collagen is the work of a heavy hitting vitamin A-infused skin serum. Stress and menopause play havoc with your skin and this means you will need to invest in a serum that is packed with peptides, vitamin C and vitamin A.
My product pick: Environ Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1.
Thanks to skincare technology today you can use low dose vitamin A in your skincare all year round. However, this booster vitamin-A serum works best at night, especially to correct the effects of sun damage common after a long, hot New Zealand summer.This is the Rolls Royce of serums, which has a progressive system to build up your skin's strength. RRP $250, 30ml. (Instore only).