Do you have pimples and wrinkles?

This could be the result of a damaging mix of hormones, stress and a busy lifestyle.

Do you have pimples and wrinkles? This could be the result of a damaging mix of hormones, stress and a busy lifestyle. Find out what's going on with your skin and fix it here.

In your 20s - Breakouts in your 20s can be triggered by a number of different issues. Pimples developing around your chin area can be a sign of increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Tweak your lifestyle, rest up and check your diet is not loaded with too much sugar and dairy, which can cause spikes in insulin levels. Also, consider taking a zinc supplement. This skin-loving mineral helps prevent acne by normalising the production of sebum in your oil glands and helps promote a healthy immune system.

In your 30s - Pregnancy and post-baby acne is a common problem in your 30s but don't fret, this is often temporary and can be fixed. At this life stage, your hormone levels are all over the place, and a visit to your GP for a general check-up will help you sort skin issues that are related to these changes in your body. One of the most common causes of breakouts is actually skin dehydration, so a nourishing skincare routine is vital. The fastest way to rehydrate skin is by using a facial serum loaded with hyaluronic acid (HA) morning and night. 

In your 40s - There is nothing more ageing than sleep deprivation. Getting eight hours sleep each night is just as important as diet and exercise. Herbal extracts that promote a good night’s sleep include valerian and hops, as well as the mineral powerhouse magnesium. To boost dull, tired-looking skin, look for ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which work to boost cell renewal, correcting fine lines and uneven skin texture. Antibacterial ingredients such as niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C will help boost collagen production.

50+ - A decrease in oestrogen levels at this age affects the look of your skin dramatically, from increased dryness to deeper wrinkles. To smooth the transition through menopause, natural supplements such as black cohosh and sage can help alleviate symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats and irritability. Eating soy-based products can help to rebalance fluctuating hormones because soybeans contain isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogen which mimics the activity of oestrogen in the body. As we age our bone mass also decreases, which can lead to osteoporosis. To maintain strong, healthy bones make sure you do some weight-bearing exercise and take a vitamin D supplement to help your body absorb calcium.  

We can help give you a feel-good vibe and fix your skin at the same. Omnilux light therapy is a pain-free skin treatment that also boosts the way you feel (the reason it's dubbed the 'happy light'). This LED light therapy is celebrated as the very best treatment for fighting acne and ageing skin. Better yet, there is no downtime with this procedure, as your skin will not look bruised or red. Omnilux is arguably the most recognised light therapy in the beauty business and with good reason, according to About Face owner Marianna Glucina. Omnilux stimulates your serotonin levels and boosts the way you feel, as well as stimulating the skin with tissue remodelling and improving collagen production by accelerating the wound-healing response. Omnilux is not a laser, nor IPL (intense pulsed light) but a revolutionary breakthrough in skin healing that counteracts the effects of ageing naturally.