Considering IPL Hair Removal? What you need to know first

5 minutes with Jackie Hendy, About Face Technology Manager

With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free IPL Hair Removal offer on right now, we sat down with Jackie Hendy, About Face Technology Manager and asked her what you need to consider when you are selecting where to have your IPL treatment:

I saw a cheap online deal for IPL hair removal. Shall I buy it?
It’s tempting to grab a cheap deal when you see one, but hair reduction treatments, such as IPL, have higher risks than other treatments and the consequences can be disastrous. It’s important to remember that IPL is not currently regulated in this country, so anyone can buy an inferior brand of IPL machine and set themselves up in their spare room or garage. All IPL machines are not equal; some machines are not calibrated and do not have the required power to perform an effective treatment. And many operators are not properly trained or are new graduates from college.

What could go wrong?
Results from IPL vary from person to person, and your safety is reliant on the skill of whoever is operating the machine and the quality of the machine. If your operator isn’t well trained you run the risk of being burnt and permanently pigmenting your skin or you risk getting an ineffective treatment, essentially wasting your money.

How do I know it’s safe to have IPL hair removal at About Face?
About Face has been looking after Auckland women for more almost 30 years, and our skin therapists are highly trained. We have invested in the best machines available in the industry, namely Ellipse IPL machines, and only select senior therapists with specialist training in electrology are permitted to operate them. While some doctors are angling for tighter regulations, it is usually not the doctors themselves who perform IPL, but their nurses, who are not skin experts and who do not have a background in electrology.

Why should I trust a therapist with IPL instead of a nurse?
IPL is not currently regulated in this country, so your safety is reliant on the quality of the IPL machine and the skill of whoever is operating it. About Face has been a pioneer of high-quality IPL equipment for more 15 years and has a proven track record of delivering excellent IPL results. Our skin therapists are skin experts with specialist training in electrolysis and the hormone and hair growth cycles, so they are often better equipped to perform IPL than a generalist nurse.

Why do you charge for IPL and laser consultations?
We’re aware that some beauty clinics don’t require a consultation prior to IPL or laser treatment, but we believe a thorough consultation is essential to make sure you get the best and safest results from these powerful technologies. Our consultations last 45 minutes and include a test patch.

How much do they cost?
Our normal consultation fee is $55, but this is redeemable on any treatments you book following the consultation.

Who will I see for my consultation?
Because of the potency of our IPL and laser technologies, only our most senior skin experts conduct these consultations and perform the treatments. Contact your local ABOUT FACE skin clinic now to book your no obligation consultation.

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