5 minutes with Marianna Glucina

Spring Clean


Your gut plays a huge role in your overall wellbeing and is key to maintaining a strong immune system, optimal metabolism, and healthy skin. To help get your digestive health on the right track, Regula8 Digestive Tune-Up is a 21-day supplement programme designed to cleanse the gut of bad bacteria and restore the good, helping with weight loss, balancing yeast production, and reducing bloating. I’m also a fan of the brand’s Stress Relief Relax supplement, which helps reduce anxiety, restore calm and promote a good night’s sleep. The team has received rave reviews about these holistic products. Come in and chat with us now. Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up RRP $220 | Regul8 Stress Relief RRP $78. Available in clinic only. 



If you’re struggling with a constant breakout, we may have the solution feeding your skin from within with an ‘Advanced Nutrition Programme’. Our range of premium supplements includes Skin Accumax a high potency vitamin A alternative to drugs such as Isotane that works to heal the look of acne while balancing hormones at the same time. What’s the magic ingredient I hear you ask? A unique patented complex called DIM (Di-Indole Methane) which is a clever plant compound that helps to normalise and improve estrogen metabolism in the body, having a direct impact on how your skin looks. Also in this range, the Skincare Ultimate Box contains DIM along with extra skin-loving vitamins (5 different vitamins to be exact). This supplement is ideal for promoting and maintaining a healthy glowing complexion.  Skin Accumax Start pack RRP $165 | Skincare Ultimate Box RRP $ 140